Production Process

1. Cloth Selection: Choose high-quality material with excellent fabric.
2. Cutting: Trim fabric based on measurements or patterns.
3. Printing: Imprint designs onto garments using wooden blocks.
4. Embroidery: Meticulously craft exquisite designs by skilled hands.
5. Washing: Enhance clothes by adding designs through washing.
6. Add-ons: Embellish fabric with elements like cutdana, sequins, mukaish, pearl, zardozi, jaaliwork.
7. Stitching: Sew the fabric together.
8. Finishing: Add final touches to the clothes.
9. Ironing: Press and smooth the finished garments.
10. Final Product: Complete the production process and prepare the products for dispatch to customers.

Empowering Women Through Chikankari

Empowering Women Through Chikankari

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