Sarees are a luxury attire in itself, and when it comes to chikan sarees, nothing compares to grace and beauty. Adorn yourself in the sheer elegance of six yards with the cotton chikankari saree and make some heads turn.

Why is Lakhnavi chikankari saree famous?
The Lucknow-famous chikankari embroidery is famous for its intricate designs. Unique stitches comprise the entire Chikankari work. The main stitches are Jaali, Tepchi, Murri, Bakhia, Hool, Phanda, Zanzeera, Khatua, Rahet, and Keel Kangan. They form the main part of Chikankari artwork which is made over sarees.

The most common floral motifs on Chikankari sarees where flowers, leaves, and branches are embroidered on the sarees. All these elements make the artwork look complete and stunning.

Hand-picked Cotton chikan sarees collection at Chikangali

On Chikangali, you can find gorgeous plays of textile design and colors with lakhnavi saree and Chikankari saree online.

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