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Things to Know about Lucknowi Chikankari Embroidery, Designs and Patterns

Things to Know about Lucknowi Chikankari Embroidery, Designs and Patterns

April 28th, 2022

Lucknow is the land of history, the city of nawabs, and India's cultural capital. It is where one can go for the love of art and history. Apart from the culture, Lucknow is famous for its distinct Lakhnavi chikankari suit.

Chikanakri found its encouragement and flourished during the Mughal period. Chikankari adorns the malmal and muslin fabric which is soft and looks all the more appealing when chikankari is done. The fabric craft originated in Lucknow, Chikanakri, and has become world-famous for its intricacy and beauty. It is now a handcraft that stands tall amongst other handloom specialities of India. It is the kind of design that entices the young and old alike – from the royals of ancient times to celebrities of the modern world.

If you are a Lakhnavi chikankari kurti lover, then this blog is the best read if you wish to know all about your favourite design.

Let's begin by talking about

What is chikankari?

In simple words, chikankari is the thread work done on Cotton chikankari Fabric. It is very similar to Shadow work. The chikankari craftsmen make use of white embroidery work with the herringbone stitches on the back of the fabric that can fill designs. The work on the backside of the fabric results in a fine shadow on the front of the fabric, which makes it look beautiful.

Delicate chikankari designs are embroidered on the finest Cotton chikankari Fabric, and it has worth it for its aesthetics. This embroidery is popularly Chikankari suit sets, kurtis and even home decor items. The Lucknow originated craft is now so famous that one can find Chikankari Materials online as well.

We, at Chikangali, ensure that you find everything you like in our largest online collection of chikankari suits, kurtis, suit sets and more. Our hand-picked designs come straight from the skilled hands of Lakhnavi chikan designers.

Moving on to some more interesting things about chikankari

Types of Stitches On Cotton chikankari Fabric

The stitching style of the chikan suit is unparalleled. The sheer beauty and elegance of the chikan suits, given by the unique stitching and design, is what sets the Lakhnavi chikankari kurti apart. Thirty-six different stitches adorn fabrics with Chikankari. However, only 10 principal stitches made from raw skeins of thread are used to make Cotton chikankari Fabric.

Double back stitch
Herringbone stitch
Running stitch
Combination of buttonhole stitch and satin stitch
Fishbone stitch
Couched running stitch
Chain stitch
Detached chain stitch
Pulled thread work
Detached eyelet stitch

Apart from these, many other knot stitches are used to make a mesh of flowers and grapes.

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